Concrete Floor Stripping and Preparation Services

Preparing Your Concrete Surfaces for Coatings, Overlays, and Repair Materials

    Concrete Floor Stripping & Preparation

    Dynamic Concrete Solutions removes old flooring, sealers, and coatings from concrete floors of all types in the Windsor, Chatham, London, Sarnia and Waterloo Kitchener regions. We use various methods to strip and prep commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail outlets, clinics, office buildings, and homes.

    Methods of Concrete Stripping

    When stripping concrete, we use power washing, grinding, chemicals, and small skid steers. In all cases we prefer to use the method that is least harmful to your floor and the environment. For most projects, we prefer grinding as it is regarded by many experts as the current best practice for concrete floor preparation. While chemical strippers can be a bit harsh, they too cause less damage to the concrete surface. Using chemical strippers also means less dust and noise. Unfortunately, the use of chemicals means spending more time manually stripping the floor.

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    Preparing concrete floors grinder, Leamington, Ontario
    Creating a smooth, consistent finish
    Concrete grinding for smooth floors and better adhesion.
    Grinding removes scratches, cracks, and unevenness

    Preparing Your Floor

    After your floor has been thoroughly stripped, we use industrial floor grinders to remove high ridges and shave away any imperfections. Grinding also helps prepare your surface for maximum adhesion. Any cracks, pitting, or scaling of the cement surface is repaired. If your floor is not level, we do provide concrete floor leveling services.

    Materials Stripped from Floors

    • Thin Set
    • Carpet Glue
    • Mastic/Blackout
    • Epoxy Paint / Coating
    • Sealers

    Removal and Disposal of Old Flooring

    • Concrete demolition and removal
    • Tile/Ceramic removal
    • Wood flooring removal
    • Linoleum floor removal
    • Epoxy, urethane flooring removal
    • Carpet removal
    Concrete floor preparation involved both stripping and grinding the floor to a smooth finish.

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