Urethane Flooring in Windsor
& Essex County

Long lasting protection to take on the toughest jobs.
100% solid content and excellent UV Protection.

    Leading Windsor Urethane Flooring Company

    Dynamic Concrete Solutions has a full line of urethane floor coatings for various surface applications. In the Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, London, Sarnia, and Waterloo regions, we use urethane coatings that have 100% solid content for more durable long lasting finishes.

    Compared to epoxy, urethane coatings are better able to resist scratch, impact, and abrasion. Urethane also provides great protection against environmental abrasives like UV rays, rain, snow, etc. With many of our projects we use a mixture of epoxy and urethane to create a surface that has multiple benefits over other types of concrete floor coatings. The exact mixture of epoxy and urethane floor coatings depends on the coating environment. For example, coatings for heavy machinery would be quite different than pool area coatings. 

    Urethane Coating for Mold Manufacturer
    Urethane Coating for Mold Manufacturer
    Urethane floors for commercial and industrial settings.
    Urethane Industrial Floor Surface
    Urethane top coat over epoxy for a long lasting concrete floor, Warehouse Facility
    Epoxy & Urethane, Warehouse Facility

    Benefits of Urethane Flooring Systems

    • Urethane is extremely resilient and protective against heavy traffic, physical damage, and exposure to a variety of oils, chemicals and hazards.
    • Urethane floor coatings also protect the floor from environmental threats such as ultra-violet rays, bacteria, and moisture.
    • Urethane is easy to clean. Non-porous and waterproof, the upkeep is minimal and common cleansers will often suffice.
    • Safety – Urethane coatings do not generate toxic fumes or other harmful chemicals after they have been cured. Urethane coatings are also resistant to slippage, heat and fire.
    • Long-term Cost Savings – Urethane floor coatings increase the floor’s lifespan by many years under average usage.
    • Easy to Repair – If a repair is needed, you generally only have to lay down a new layer of urethane.
    • Lighting – Creates a shiny high-gloss finish that significantly increases the brightness of interior areas
    • Protection against yellowing or discolouring.

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    Choosing the Right Flooring Solution

    While urethane top coats are solid all-around solutions for various industries, we also provide polyasparticpolished concrete, and 100% epoxy flooring. Selecting the correct flooring system depends mostly on where the concrete is located and what it’s primarily used for. Urethanes are often mixed with epoxy for a stronger finish against scratching, corroding, yellowing, and heat/cold extremes.

    Our Urethane Flooring Process

    After all items have been removed from your concrete floor surface, we use a dust free industrial grinder to prepare your floor. The grinding head consists of diamond blades that lightly cut your floor’s surface preparing it for maximum adhesion. During the process, old stains and coatings are removed. Cracks are also repaired and uneven floors are leveled.

    Once all the grinding has been completed, vacuuming is required before a primer is applied. The best adhesion requires a clean floor, free of any dust, lime, sand, or other contaminants. The epoxy coating is then properly mixed for your flooring requirements and the process of applying the coatings and finishes begins. The urethane coating is then mixed and applied overtop of the epoxy. The sealants interact with the concrete to create a hard surface that is far stronger than normal concrete coatings.

    Done properly, urethane floor coatings are very durable and are long lasting with little maintenance.

    Urethane Floor Coatings – Colours & Finishes

    Dynamic Concrete offers decorative coatings that will enhance the look of any environment. Designers, architects and homeowners are inspired by the innovative patterns and textures available to them.

    Urethane Floor Coating Uses

    Urethane floor coatings to protect surfaces from harsh conditions such as high impacts, chemical spills, and fluctuating temperatures. Urethane coatings are most common in OEM manufacturing, but are also ideally suited for showroom floors, warehouses, laboratories, and other places where physical and chemical resistance combined with light stability are important.

    Service Area

    For a FREE, no obligation quote on having epoxy floor coatings applied to your concrete floor call us at 519-613-1046. Our service area includes Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, London, Sarnia, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.