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    Dynamic Concrete Solutions is a highly experienced epoxy flooring contractor in London, Ontario. We are a family owned and operated epoxy coating company that has more than 15 years experience installing concrete flooring systems using epoxy, urethane sealants, polyaspartic coatings, and concrete polishing. Dynamic uses only premium 100% epoxy coatings, polyurea sealers and polyaspartic urethane sealers, for tough, durable, chemical resistant finishes.

    When installing epoxy floor coatings in London our installers closely examine your concrete floor before work begins to determine the correct surface preparation method. Even the best urethane and epoxy coatings will fail if not applied correctly. Concrete floors need to be properly prepared to ensure your floor is transformed into a beautiful and durable surface that will last many years and add value to your properly.

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    We are a leading epoxy flooring company in London, Ontario specializing in epoxy floor coatings and other concrete flooring systems.  Using the latest equipment and techniques, we offer a wide range of concrete flooring services that include concrete floor repairs, leveling, stripping and complete floor preparation. We are committed to providing long lasting concrete flooring solutions throughout London and Southwestern Ontario. Because installing concrete flooring systems is all we do, we can ensure you that any epoxy flooring project we undertake will be done right. Whether its garage floor epoxy coatings, commercial epoxy flooring, or warehouse concrete polishing, Dynamic Epoxy Flooring London has the experience and equipment for projects of any size. 

    Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

    The epoxy floor coatings we install in London, Ontario are ideal flooring systems for residential, commercial or industrial use. Epoxy flooring is extremely strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing on any surface. Whether it’s for your home, office, or factory, the end result is a high gloss surface that is super durable. 

    Epoxy coatings are an excellent flooring surface for indoor or outdoor usage as they do not require a lot of maintenance effort and are easy to clean. Epoxy floors appeal to many home and business owners because it is resistant to water, high temperature, chemicals, shock and scratching. Epoxy floor coatings preserve and protect concrete floors while providing you with safety and beauty for well-trafficked areas. Plus, when installed properly, epoxy flooring systems are very affordable compared to other alternatives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Epoxy floors in a home can last a lifetime when properly installed. In commercial or industrial settings, the longevity of an epoxy floor system will vary based on thickness, use, and maintenance.

    When compared to other smooth floor surfaces, you’ll find that epoxy floors are far less slippery and they can also be made skid resistant. 

    Absolutely. Preparing a concrete floor is critical for proper adhesion. This can mean grinding, levelling, fixing cracks, cleaning/degreasing, vacuuming, etc.

    Epoxy is very durable, but it is still vulnerable to abrasion. Polyaspartic is more flexible with shifting temperatures, and won’t chip, scratch or scuff. It’s definitely more durable.

    Epoxy resin is highly durable and can be installed as successfully outdoors as it can indoors. Epoxy resin is suitable for patios, porches, paths, balconies, and other outdoor applications.

    It’s best to wait 24 hours after installation before walking on the floor and a full 7 days of curing before vehicle traffic.

    Concrete floors will begin to break down and deteriorate over time. A professionally installed epoxy flooring system will seal and protect your concrete while giving you an easy to clean and beautiful floor.

    Epoxy is easy to clean with warm water and cloth or mop. In case of stubborn dirt, you can add mild soap. We advise against ammonia as that can ruin the surface if left to react.

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